$50 for a 50 minute pitching lesson
$60 for a 50 minute semi-private (two siblings)
$25/half hour for hitting lessons

Our most popular option. I offer individual lessons year-round for every age and experience level. It’s a great opportunity for athletes to learn the craft of fastpitch, or to boost their performance, with measurable improvements during each session. With one-on-one attention, every pitch or hit is evaluated for proper form, every nuance is noted. Parents are welcome to observe and engage in the lessons if they wish, no catcher is required. Individual lessons take place in our basement facility in Oshkosh.



 Contact Linnea for set-up and pricing

Clinics or Camps are to be sponsored/paid for by a school or club team.

Mileage charges apply for travel outside of Oshkosh.

Weekly clinics are a great way to develop pitchers in your city! Schools and clubs often sponsor clinics for their athletes, with weekend clinics being a popular option. Watch your athletes develop confidence and critical skills while improving their technique alongside other like minded girls. 

Camps are available over school breaks, and during summer months. These are a fun and exciting way to learn from Linnea and a few other coaches (chosen for their knowledge of fastpitch softball, and ability to properly instruct youngsters). Camps can run up to five consecutive days. Contact me to discuss details!



Hourly Rates:

$25/pitcher, minimum of 4 athletes, maximum of 5

*To be paid for individually by each athlete. Mileage charges apply for travel outside of Oshkosh.

Group lessons are offered as an affordable option for families, or those who just want to learn with a buddy (or some teammates!). Group lessons are limited to 4-5 pitchers. A gym or field must be reserved by the group organizer, and catchers are required. Cash payment will be collected from each pitcher. Please contact me if you have any questions about group lessons, or to set one up!