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Why Nucleus is rated number one in the
Fox Valley

"Linnea was instrumental with our daughter's pitching throughout her formative years. She takes the time to get to know each girl she works with, and helps bring out the best in each of them. She helped our daughter with both the technical aspects of pitching as well as the confidence and demeanor it takes to be a pitcher. She is very professional, ethical, and personable. We will always be thankful to Linnea for her expertise and assistance with Tatum."

Tony & Lisa Duff

"Linnea was more than just a “batting coach” to my daughter!! She not only helped her with her batting (which improved greatly) but also helped her in many other aspects in softball. She genuinely cares about her softball girls and wants the best for them either in softball or life in general. She is an amazing role model with positive a attitude!" 

Danna Schwartz

“I have known Linnea Utecht for the past 10 years. She has worked with both of my daughters, Ashley and Olivia, who have now played high level competitive softball. From the first pitching practice, I knew Coach Linnea would be a great fit. She is an amazing person that has love, respect and knowledge of softball we hadn’t seen before. She probably doesn’t realize this but as a family, always received exceptional instruction for more than a 1-hour lesson for my daughters every time we saw her. The progress they both have made in the past several years has been fantastic! Thank you for your support and dedication to my girls.”

Kyle Borowitz

"From 8 years old, our girls learned solid mechanics of pitching with Linnea (and Denis), which led to confidence in the game. Repetition and continued encouragement was the key. Gaining a pitcher's mindset also improved their hitting. Our girls would not be playing at this level being valued members on their college team without their start in the Utecht basement! They are both strong, confident and talented young adults."

Kim Gauthier

"Our Menasha girls softball club was fortunate to work directly with Linnea in a group setting. During this time, Linnea led pitching instruction for all of our athletes interested in pitching. Her time, attention to detail, and ability to instruct at multiple age levels was second to none. We also had our daughter receive private instruction as well. This was always time well spent with instruction and drills at her level. Linnea did a great job learning how to motivate her individually. She was flexible, affordable and always our first choice!"

Tami Kroiss

"I have been blessed to know Linnea for over 20 years. She has always been kind hearted, hard working, and determined. Her attitude has always been something to admire. As a pitcher I never saw her mad or upset. She would always smile and take each challenge in stride. Last summer after reconnecting at our summer softball team reunion she offered to work with my 10 year old daughter. With only two sessions I can see so much improvement! She was able to keep my daughter's attention for over an hour and work through some pitching mechanics creating a more fundamentally sound motion. We left with drills to practice at home and a greater understanding of the motion. My daughter really enjoyed listening to and learning from Linnea. We look forward to more regular sessions this year! I highly recommend Linnea! Her presence on and off the field is unmatched. She is a great teacher and a wonderful role model for young pitchers."

Lisa Shefchik

"As the parents of Lacey Cruz, a college sophomore pitcher, we would highly recommend Linnea to anyone looking for quality pitching and hitting instruction. Every pitching lesson ended with 15 minutes of hitting. She understands that as a pitcher, you can shut down the opponent on defense, but you still need to score to win. The lessons our daughter received from Linnea were instrumental to the successes she had in travel ball and high school."

Bill and Shannon Hogan

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